My Front Lawn is a Beach, I live in a hotel and I don't care what time it is.....Caribbean Time Zone.

I live in a hotel in Cancun, México, the caribbean time zone. Its about half and half… people on vacation vs people that live here for the hot cancun weather. Its a nice mix because its not full of the "all-inclusive tourists", all the time, as it is not an all-inclusive hotel. So technically, I live in a condominium complex.

Every day I wake up and check my cell pone to see what time it is. Then I don't check to see what time it is until the next morning, why? Because it doesn't matter. I don’t need to know what time it is throughout the day because I dont need to be anywhere at any given time.

My front lawn

Isn’t it a great thing?
Not needing to know what time it is?
Not caring what time it is…?

As a matter of fact, when somebody asks me what time it is, I say "who cares"… and the reason why is because it doesn't matter. You see, I hang out with a lot of people that are on vacation, and they are always asking what time it is like it matters. It doesn't matter because you are on vacation!!! The reason why they keep asking what time it is, is because they are programmed to need to know the time, even when they don't need to know the time.


So whats wrong with wanting to know what time it is in the Caribbean time zone??

Well, the good news is that there is nothing wrong with what time it is...

Its the person's misconception about keeping time that is what is wrong. Of course, you may need to know what time it is on a daily basis so you won't be late for your appointments, but when your appointments are over and you're on vacation… WHO CARES??

I mean really, you should not always want to know what time it is. Only if you need to know what time it is should you care, because the more you care, the more plugged into the MATRIX you allow yourself to be. You may not realize it, but time controls us. Time manipulates us. Time… doesn’t have to.

Here's what I recommend if you're on vacation… loose the watch and decide that you don’t want to know what time it is (unless you have to), and stop asking what time it is.

Its a great feeling when somebody asks me what time it is and I reply… "I don't know".

If your not on vacation, take your watch off, and tell the time with your cell pone only when you need to. When you are finished work for the day, and you have no appointments to be at or people to call at a certain time, don't even bother checking what time it is because it doesn't matter.

Know what time it is when you need to know what time it is, and that's it. 

The rest of the time is now your time to be free of time, which doesn't really exist anyways. Now you can relax and enjoy the gift of being present.

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In Happiness,


Franz Wadler,                                                                                        

(The Real Franz)

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